The other day, I was reading an article about the things that really annoy people when they’re staying in guest accommodation. It was very interesting, so I thought I would share the top 3 bugbears here:

3. Stinting on Tea and Coffee
It is a horror when you arrive somewhere and find one tiny sachet of coffee and milk. Being a dairy farmer’s daughter, the milk is the crucial element – I can’t bare black coffee! I leave enough tea and coffee for at least 10 cups each during your stay. There is also one pint of fresh milk left in the fridge.

2. Poor Wi-Fi – Expensive and/or slow. Time Limits.
I agree with this. I once stayed somewhere and was given a tiny piece of paper with a code on it, told I had a data limit, and even then it never worked! Thankfully at Burlton Cottages, Wi-Fi is secure and super-fast fibre, whilst being completely free, with absolutely no limits. I just ask you to use the password (found in the Guest Information book) and agree to my T&Cs, so that I am responsibly covered.

1. Poor Socket Placement – Sockets have to be near beds and mirrors.
I was very surprised to see this at number one. I do confess that we didn’t get this right at the beginning, though. However, after our first six months of being open, my electrician moved sockets so that we now have them next to every bed and mirror.

Would you agree with the top three?

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