• The Spa at Burlton

    Just steps away from the cottages is the onsite Spa with an indoor heated swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room and mini-gym.

A place to relax

We do everything possible to ensure every guest has the opportunity to feel completely rested and revitalised throughout your stay.  Each cottage has two hours exclusive use of the Spa, daily.  Simply book via an electronic calendar link that is sent to you two weeks before your stay.  You may chose two consecutive hours or two lots of one hour slots at either end of the day.  Feel free to amend your booking slots whilst you are staying here in case your plans change. 

The Spa facilities are free for guests to use throughout your holiday, making the truly relaxing experience at Burlton Cottages unique. By using glass walls, Rachel and Gerry have brought the outside in. So you can unwind and recline on the ergonomic designed loungers whatever the weather – the Spa is heated to 32 degrees all year round. It is incredibly peaceful and has woodland views with plenty of bird life to watch.

Pool towels (for adults and children), robes and slippers (adults only) are provided in your cottages for use in the Spa.  There are three changing cubicles, a digital rain-shower and toilet in the Spa for added convenience.  There is also a shower and toilet for the less able-bodied and a baby-changing station. 

Siam Harmony in The Spa at Burlton

Yes – we have an on-site therapist too. For the ultimate indulgence you can book a massage, facial, reflexology session or beauty treatment with Siam Harmony during your stay.  Bookings can be made direct with Siam Harmony online.

The swimming pool

Tone up, sleep better and boost your happy endorphins by taking a daily dip in the 12m swimming pool (heated to 30 degrees). All exercise is good for you, but swimming is proven to be one of the best – and it’s a fun family activity too! Great for body and mind there are many benefits to swimming a few laps every day.

  • Helps to manage weight: 30 minutes of breaststroke burns approx 367 calories.
  • Reduce stress levels and raise self-esteem.
  • Boost your mood: research shows that swimmers of all levels are less prone to tension, depression, anger and confusion when they have been swimming. This is thanks to the release of the feel-good hormone serotonin. 
  • Strengthen your muscles. The resistance of water can be 44 x times greater than air, so you have to work harder to move through it.
  • It’s low-impact, you’re only bearing around 10% of your weight when you swim thanks to the buoyancy of water.
  • People who do vigorous exercise (like swimming) are twice as likely to report having a good night’s sleep, according to poll by the National Sleep Foundation.

The hot tub

A hot tub is the perfect place to relax, either with friends or on your own.

The physical wellness benefits of hot tubs are delivered in three ways: the heat increases circulation by dilating blood vessels, buoyancy relives joint stress by reducing your body-weight by 90% and powerful jets massage away any tension. These elements work together to provide a variety of health benefits that enable you to be more active and feel fulfilled. Relief of tension in muscles and joints; temporary relief of headaches and pains; decreased anxiety and stress and total full body relaxation – enjoy a hot tub and totally unwind during your holiday in Shropshire.

The infrared sauna

Although they look similar to traditional sauna cabins, infrared saunas operate in a completely different way and provide an alternative user experience. 

Infrared radiation is the band of light we perceive to be heat. We cannot see this band of light with the naked eye, but we can feel this light in the form of heat. The sun produces most of its energy in output in the infrared segment of the spectrum.

Infrared rays heat your body without having to heat the air in between, through a process called conversion. To put it simply, when we stand in the sun we can feel the warmth, however when we stand in the shade we instantly feel cooler even though the air temperature stays the same.

The infrared sauna cabin makes use of far and middle infrared heat waves. These penetrate the dermis and epidermis (top layers) of the skin, creating a warming sensation.

Sauna bathing has been used as a method of relaxation, stress relief and increased sense of well-being for years. It is also used by athletes to aid in the rehabilitation of some sporting injuries.

  • The warming process dilates the lymph channels and activates perspiration.
  • Relaxed tissue improves blood supply leading to a more effective degeneration of scars, sprains, contusions, wounds and inflammations.
  • For the after-treatment of sports injuries or muscle pains after a workout, IR radiation is beneficial.
  • If you suffer from rheumatism or lumbago, positive effects can be achieved.
  • Improved blood circulation can optimise the transport of oxygen in the body.
  • Metabolism and circulation will be activated.
  • IR rays can be beneficial for the prevention of heart and circulation diseases.
  • IR radiation creates processes that purify the body and reduce acidic levels.

Nb: Guests who suffer from any medical conditions should consult their doctor before using any form of sauna or steam bathing.

We recommend a maximum single session time of 15 minutes with a maximum of 3 sessions with 10 minutes break in any 24 hour period.

The steam room

A steam room has a physiological effect on the body similar to a sauna. The steam opens up pores, increases metabolism, elevates the heart rate and the body begins to sweat. This can result in health benefits, especially when a steam room is used safely and frequently. The warm, moist air increases the body’s circulation and also loosens and relaxes muscles and joints. After a workout, a session in the steam room helps keep your body relaxed and flexible – so it won’t lock up as a result of hard exercise. The steam room also helps eliminate toxins, forcing them out through the resulting sweat. Your skin will be cleaner, softer and healthier,

Steam rooms also help people who suffer from asthma and respiratory conditions. The gentler, moist heat of a steam room helps relax and open up the lungs and bronchial tubes. It can also help reduce joint pain and the symptoms of arthritis. After a session in the steam room you’ll feel more relaxed and this can help relieve problems associated with insomnia and poor sleeping.   

To steam safely, you should take a warm shower before entering the steam room. Stay seated n the steam room for up to 15 minutes before exiting to cool off with room temperature air and cool water in the form of a shower. Allow the body to return to a normal temperature before embarking on another round, and don’t steam more than three times in one session. Drink lots of water throughout the process and leave the room if you feel dizzy, nauseous or uncomfortable at any point. 

Nb.  Guests who suffer from any medical conditions should consult their doctor before using the steam room.

The gym

We’d love to believe that chocolate cake and ice cream are the elixir for a long and healthy life, but we all know it’s not! Regular exercise is the best way to stay fit and healthy – and there’s no reason to let your routine slip when you’re on holiday (unless you choose to). At Burlton Cottages and Spa our mirrored gym is equipped with a cycling machine, rowing machine, treadmill and cross-trainer.  There is a selection of dumbbells (pairs ranging from 1kg to 10kg) and kettle bells up to 20kg.

A session on the cycling machine has cardiovascular and strength-building benefits. Pedalling for long periods of time increases you heart rate, helping to improve circulation and breathing.

One of the best benefits of using the rowing machine is the workout it gives the lower body. The main leg muscles involved are the quads in the upper front of the thighs, but you’ll also feel the burn in your calves and glutes (buttocks).

Time on the treadmill is a great cardiovascular workout that helps improve your heart health. Every time you step on a treadmill, you strengthen your heart – and as your heart grows stronger, your blood pressure lowers. Plus, the act of running or walking helps get the blood flowing, which reduces the stress on your heart. Bonus!

Unlike many other cardio machines, cross-trainers work the entire body. A full body workout increases the number of calories burned. The cross-trainer is a highly adaptable machine and workouts can be tailored to target specific muscle groups as required.

There is currently no TV in the gym, there is Wi-fi.

Opening times

The Spa is open every day of the year from 8am until 8pm for holiday cottage guests.  Complimentary superfast Wi-Fi is available throughout the Spa.  Only children and infants who stay at Burlton Cottages are permitted to use the facilities.


Nb. There are a few terms and conditions to ensure health and safety measures are met throughout the Spa.  

A commitment to sustainability

The massage treatments available include products hand-made by therapist Wida herself using traditional Thai methods.

3D virtual tour

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