“I’m happiest when floating in your pool.”

Swimming pool and spa at Burlton Cottages

There is so much to see and do when you stay here however a daily session in the swimming pool is an absolute must.  This summer we have had some lovely feedback from guests, here is just a few remarks I have had from guests …

“My husband couldn’t swim before our stay now he is confident swimming on his back”.

“Last year my daughter sat on the edge of your pool and enjoyed dangling her feet in, this year we can’t get her out of the pool”.

“I’m not a great swimmer so I really appreciate being in the pool on my own, in peace”.

Swimming has so many health benefits, its a great workout, it improves your sleep and can help manage stress.  Our water is 30 degrees so a lovely comfortable temperature for all.

I see it time again, guests feel very relaxed after swimming daily during their stay here, which is truly comforting to hear.

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